Should you fly or drive? It’s the famous traveler’s conundrum. For those who love being on the road, there’s no question that driving is the preferred method of transportation. But is it worth it? Here are five reasons we think you should be driving instead of flying on your next trip:

1)   Avoid long security lines and lengthy layovers

After 9/11, security measures tightened and rightfully so. Additionally, with the recent Coronavirus outbreak, there will be even more added precautions. While that’s good news for our nation’s security and health, that’s bad news for frequent fliers.

Depending on the airport and whether you’re flying domestically or internationally, it could translate to an additional three hours of thumb twirling in the airport terminal. Ditch the enhanced pat-downs, long layovers, and radiation-producing X-Ray machines and hit the road instead.

2)   Enjoy More Family Time

Family Relaxing In Car During Road Trip

When is the last time that you had an exceptionally special familial bonding experience in the air? Unless you’re flying Air Force One or boozing it up in First Class on your way to Bora Bora, the answer is probably never. Car rides, on the other hand, give families the opportunity to bond without shouting over the loud noise of a jet engine. Plus, you can’t play the license plate game from the air.

3)   Save your Money

When considering a trip with more than one person, your best bet is to travel by car. A family of four traveling from New York to Florida can easily spend upwards of $1,200 – on plane tickets alone. For comparison purposes, the same trip by car (assuming $4 per gallon and 25 mpg) still totals only around $360, according to So hit the road, Jack, and your wallet will thank you later.

4)   Celebrate Your Freedom

I think we can all agree that screaming babies and cramped cabin quarters aren’t ideal. Couple that with chips that cost $5 and alcoholic beverages that will put you back an arm and a leg, and you’ve got your typical domestic flight. It’s no surprise, then, that many road trippers enjoy the freedom of being on the highway instead. You can stop when you want, eat when and where you want, and can pull over to stretch your legs on YOUR time.

5)   See America with Your Eyes

In the age of television and the Internet, no site or destination is really a mystery any longer. Still, there’s truly nothing like seeing something with your own eyes. Driving provides a perspective that cannot be granted from the air. You’ll see new things, meet new people and learn more about America than you ever knew was possible.

Here at Drive the Nation, we’re partial to road-tripping because it’s in our blood, but what about you? If given a choice, would you fly or drive on your next trip? Tell us below!